New Slots 2017

2016 turned to be a revolutionary year for the gaming world. This year a number of tremendous games hit the web world and gained enough attention of the players. Most of the games were linked with famous cartoon characters, movies, legendary heroes and sports especially soccer. Some of the best known gaming slots that were launched in 2016 are as follows:


Paris, the city of fragrance, love and lights. And if you want to experience these lights from the eye of your gaming slot, turn yourself towards Champs-Élysées gaming slot as it will light up your account with enough prize money. This game allows you to run through Paris classic images showing chocolates, boutiques, wine and everything else that can cherish your feelings.


NetEnt’s Guns n Roses

After the name of famous rock band ‘Guns n Roses’, this game has been launched this year. This game represents the members of the band along with their five famous songs as symbols. The game allows you to win free spins and other exciting features while amusing the player with a fabulous background song from the same band.

This gaming slot offers a maximum payout of 225,000 coins. The multiple bonus rounds are also being offered by Guns n Roses along with a free spin bonus round. The game is also available on mobile platform along with the online casino world.

Break Away Hockey

A long awaited ice-hockey game is now available on the web. This game offers 243 ways to try your luck which means that you can expect a win every time you play. The game is equipped with exclusive free spins, smashing wilds and jackpots up to £/€ 100,000. The bonuses and jackpots comes very fast even the base game may bring up £/€ 20,000 for you on jackpot.

Not only these but a number of exciting and easy slots are available online now. 2016 brought the ease as most of the games are now available in mobile version along with the online casinos so you can be the part of it by using your cell phone even if you are on the move, anytime from anywhere.